Schlopping is a word, a book, and a way of life. Schlopping is an activity that you do with a loved one and acts as a relationship enhancer; it happens when you decide you want to spend time together with someone you love.

The book Schlopping is for anyone who has a loved one and wants to create positive memories that will last a life time.

Schlopping is a story of how two completely different people, who happen to be a mother and a daughter, find answers to life’s challenges through their invented wor(l)d of schlopping.

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A portion of sales will go to research and wellness for Endometriosis & Breast Cancer.

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We hope that you join us on our schlopping adventures and look forward to hearing how you and your loved ones embrace schlopping, for better or for worse.

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Have fun and don’t forget that life is about experiences, relationships, health and love.

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